Three Little Words, by Damian Conway

All I wanted was to add three extra words to Perl's syntax. How hard could that be? In the end, it only required:
* three years, 2.8 million lines of code
* six nested development projects,
* 3633 CPAN modules,
* a 40 year old coding environment,
* 498405 unit tests,
* the four most perfectly obfuscated Perl programs of all time,
* multiple multi-layered multiple-dispatch systems,
* a 1011-line substitution statement,
* a 1194-line regex match, an entirely new meta-meta-metasyntax

...and not a single line of runtime-executable code.

This is a tale of madness, obsession, and coding extremity.
This is a journey to the very heart of Perl...and beyond.
This is: Three Little Words.

FixMe (Hackerspace Lausanne)
Damian Conway
Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - 19:00
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